Do you know that windscreen coverage differs with different insurers?

Windscreen coverage can include your sunroof and side windows with the right insurer

It was reported in the Straits Time on 6th Jun 2017 “Mango tree falls on car at Kampong Ampat, smashing windscreen

Almost every car owner who is insured on a comprehensive car insurance will have windscreen coverage with an excess of $100.

What if your car had a sunroof which was cracked, is it considered as part of your windscreen? Do you think a claim on your car insurance will affect your claim history or NCD? It may or may not, depends on which insurer you choose.

DO YOU KNOW different insurers classify “windscreen” differently. For some, it’s strictly front windscreen, while another includes the windows and even sun roof!

We dissect the the coverage and help you to choose a competitive coverage that brings you great value.

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Friday, June 23, 2017
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