How to Save Fuel and Reduce Your Bill!

How to Save Fuel and Reduce Your Bill!

Have you ever felt that your ever increasing fuel bill is becoming a financial burden? Ever wonder how to save fuel in more than one or two ways? Well, the following 9 simple tips will show you on how to save fuel – evermore, and be on your way to reduce your fuel bill!1) Plan your route

  • Organise errands so that they can be combined into one trip to cut down on driving.
  • If possible, drive during off-peak hours as there’ll be less stop-and-go driving, thus saving fuel.

2) Maintain correct tyre pressure

  • Keep your tyres properly inflated as deflated tyres increase rolling resistance
  • According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, car tyres inflated to the maximum recommended pressure can improve your mileage by as much as 6%.

3) Service your car regularly

  • A well maintained vehicle runs at peak efficiency whereas an inefficient engine cannot optimize the use of fuel.
  • Be generous with the maintenance of your vehicle and change parts such as the air filter when necessary

4) Turn off the engine

  • If you’re stopping the car for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine.
  • Not only does idling waste fuel, it also produces unnecessary greenhouse gases.

5) Avoid aggressive driving

  • Abrupt accelerations, filtering in and out of traffic and hard breaking causes fuel wastage and the wearing out of brakes and tyres.
  • Therefore, practice accelerating gradually from a stop and braking gently

6) Close windows at high speeds

  • Open windows increase air resistance on the vehicle and lower fuel economy

7) Clear out the junk

  • The heavier the car, the more fuel is needed.
  • So clean out the boot and back seat to get rid of the extra weight

8) Switch to lower octane fuel

  • Most cars are made to operate on regular low octane fuel.
  • High octane fuel is not necessary and doesn’t provide any greater efficiency.
  • Only high performance vehicles such as turbo-charged vehicles and sports car require 98-octane fuel

9) Join a loyalty programme

  • Sign up for loyalty programme at petrol companies that you have been faithfully giving business to
  • This will in turn help you save money as accumulated points can be used to redeem gifts or extra fuel
  • On top of that, check out banls’ tie-up with petrol companies that offer a discount when you pay for fuel with their credit card.

Wait no more – start working on these quick and easy tips on how to save fuel and begin your saving today.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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