How To Wax Car?

How To Wax Car?

Many people think that the easiest way to keep your car shiny and professional looking is to wax your car. There is no denial in that statement. However, many simply would just send their cars to service centers to get their car wax. What many of them are unaware of is learning how to wax car is in fact quite a simple and easy task. Read on and you’ll find out

Waxing helps to protect the top layer of your paint from the elements of the world such as mud, dust, bird droppings, sap and what not nonsense that comes in contact with your car every day.

Now, let us look at the different steps one must take to wax and care for one’s car.

Firstly, waxing only needs to be done every three to four months. This will help your car’s paintwork from fading as it forms a thin transparent layer that close up minor scratches, making them less visible.

Secondly, wax your car in a covered area and when the surface is cool. On top of that, your car must be clean and dry before waxing.

Thirdly, use paste wax for the longest lasting and most hardy finish. Even though liquid and spray waxes require less work, these waxes give your car less protection than paste wax.

Fourthly, work on one area at a time, applying thinly on the surface. Use a wet sponge to spread a thin and even coat of wax. Using too much wax will cause difficulty removing and finishing.

Fifthly, once the wax is dry, use a clean soft cotton cloth to remove excess wax. Also, apply an extra coat of wax to the hood as this part of the car wears out faster than the other parts.

Last of all, to protect your car’s paintwork, keep it out of the sun as much as possible, and this can help to protect your car’s paintwork for a longer period of time.

Now that you know “how to wax car” through these simple steps provided, try it and the results will show!

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Monday, November 24, 2014
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