New Traffic Accident Reporting Procedures under the Motor Claims Framework

New Traffic Accident Reporting Procedures under the Motor Claims Framework

Traffic accident reporting is now required by law.

The Motor Claims Framework which was introduced by the General Insurance Association of Singapore took effect on June 1, 2008, requiring traffic accident reporting and laying out the procedures to follow in case of an accident.

Under this law, you are required to report all accidents to your insurance within 24 hours or within the next working day. This applies to even the most minor of damages, even those that are not readily visible.

This rule applies regardless of whether you want to file a claim from your insurer or from people who caused the accident and even when you have already reached a settlement with the other party; you must report the accident to your insurers. And because of this, all insurance companies now have a hotline to operate around the clock.

Under the Motor Claims Framework, failure to report an accident within the specified time allotted will result in:

– Having your claims declined or prejudiced later on by insurers, or
– The possible loss of your policy’s no claim discount when you renew your policy.

Do not be at a disadvantage by being lazy or not knowing the regulations. Especially if you are filing a claim with your insurer, you will be penalized for not reporting any accident at once.

There are certain documents and information that you should bring with you for filing. To file a report, you must be ready with:

  • Your NRIC or other means of identification
  • Driving licence
  • Original Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Information on the other parties involved in the accident, such as their name, NRIC, telephone or mobile number, address and the name of their insurance companies
  • Information on the vehicles, including the registration numbers, the make, the model and the colour of the vehicles involved
  • Photographs of the accident, even digital ones
  • Particulars of the accident like the date, place and time of the accident, the extent of damage, the positions of the vehicles, road and weather conditions
  • Information on witnesses, if any.

Following the new traffic accident reporting procedures can help you save money and will help you enforce the insurance benefits you paid for. Make sure to remember these guidelines just in case they become handy in the future.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
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